I have a friend who recently

I have a friend who recently installed a large screen and a projector in their basement. Now that they are all set up for big screen tv and movie watching, their next step is to get some comfortable theater seating for their viewing pleasure. She asked if I would help her shop around, her only requirement was that she wanted leather furniture. She loves leather, and her home is fully home decorative fabric factory furnished with leather furniture, including her bedroom! During my search, I came across one company that had a really nice and innovative design in theater seating called IcOn Furniture.

IcOn has been around for over 30 years. They strive to manufacture furniture that really stands out from the competition, the type of furniture that you notice when you see it in someone's home. It is not necessarily flashy, it is just distinct from common furniture that is most often seen. Though it is distinct, it fits in with an individuals or family's lifestyle, it is compatible to every day living. Their leather furniture and other furnishings is sleek and stylish, fitting into today's popular urban culture.

IcOn is a US company that has a business philosophy built around four principles. Let's take a look at each of these four principles and why they are important to IcOn Furniture.

    1. Customizable and Made-to-Order furniture - one of IcOn's key to their furniture is to mix together different styles and finishes. These contrasting effects come together to make very appealing furnishings. IcOn accomplishes much of this by manufacturing furniture that can be arranged in a large variety of ways, plus, many of their furniture pieces are not made until the your order is placed. This way you are getting furniture made the way you want it, not the way they think you want it.

    1. Eco-Friendly materials - IcOn does their part for the economy by using engineered wood cores and faux veneer overlay. Using these material help to preserve the environment.

    1. White-Glove In-Home delivery - this type of delivery isn't optional for a high cost, it is standard. IcOn will deliver the furniture, unwrap it and place it in your home where you specify, fully assembled and installed. This is a great service. You do not have to carry or move the furniture yourself, or worry about disposing of large boxes.

    1. Manufactured in the United States - IcOn believes in keeping their manufacturing processes in the US. To them it is not just marketing, but it is their "way of life".

My friend really liked their company philosophy, plus their leather furniture theater seats were perfect for what my friend was looking for. Their theater seating comes in combinations of anywhere from two to five seats connected together. The rows of theater seats are gently curved, they are all made of top grain supple leather. In between each reclining seat there is an armrest with a cup holder. Plus, each arm rest opens up to reveal extra storage. The seating is also designed with what they call "incliner", meaning that you do not need a lot of empty space behind them for the chairs to recline. Plus, like all leather furniture, it is comfortable, it lasts a long time, it is easy to clean and it smells great!

IcOn makes great furniture, so if you are in the market for hard case or leather furniture, they are worth checking out. Especially those great theater seats! I am now trying to figure out what I need to do to set up my own home theater system with leather furniture.

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