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The Seekers are even provided with a "Hot or Cold" indicator that changes based on their adjacency to Rocket League Items Hiders, who are slowed down every 40 abnormal to accord the Seekers a angry adventitious to bolt up.
This bold admission has been thoroughly thought-out, and looks like a ton of fun. I've had a acceptable time just animate through the custom map, advocacy up to ceremony hidden breadth that I find, and wall-riding amid platforms. Amphitheatre with a few accompany is abiding to be a blast, and the official Workshop page recommends at atomic two Hiders adjoin two Seekers.
Since Rocket League doesn't currently abutment multiplayer Workshop bold modes by default, there's a little added accession you'll accept to do to play with your accompany online. Thankfully, there's a bureaucracy adviser featured in the mod's official Discord admission (you can accretion the hotlink on the Workshop page, if you're interested) that I've provided beneath to admonition you get started.
This mod is just one of abounding that the animate and accomplished Rocket League affiliation has created for their admired game. It's abundant to see advancing bold modes like Adumbrate and Seek created for Rocket League, and even greater to play them.
In a aloft play to accompany added accepted abreast multiplayer amateur to its service, Microsoft has added Rocket League to the Xbox Bold Canyon subscription. Microsoft teased the accession via Twitter overnight, with the about-face fabricated official on the Microsoft Abundance abbreviate after.
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