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According to the enterprise,its years of experience — in addition to ongoing remarks and anecdotal proof — has led it to finish that there are 5 important issues which might be preventing the cosplay industry from attaining its full potential.
One of them is monetization.Cosplayers can warfare to Champion of Cosplay make a dwelling at times due to the fact they do no longer have the economic infrastructure to acquire bills — and to compound the problem,their younger lovers don't continually have access to credit cards or PayPal accounts — two of the maximum not unusual strategies for making purchases.Growth inside the cosplay enterprise has also been stymied with the aid of troubles regarding copyright and revenue sharing,making it more difficult for specialists to capitalize on their creations.
Cure World Cosplay additionally highlights the latest "cosplay is not consent" movement as a demonstration that change is wanted.There had been reviews of attendees at conventions being spoken to inappropriately,in addition to being physically harassed even as dressed as comic book or video game characters,motivating the employer to location an emphasis on transparency and accept as true with.
The platform additionally hopes to prevent statistics about events from being lost in translation — either due to the fact first-hand information are difficult to find or because content is poorly translated from every other language before being unfold to the loads,developing confusion and a breeding floor for misunderstandings.
Proposed solutions for these troubles consist of the specially designed Cosplay Token (COT),which could make it simpler for players to get hold of payments,a machine where copyrights can be recorded on blockchain,revenues can be dispensed via clever contracts,a mechanism in which customers are identifiable and held accountable for their moves,and a platform where fantastic,accurate articles are allotted to fanatics —  with poor-best translations voted down with the aid of the network.
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