Application Process Of Unmanned Medical Warehouse Based On Rfid Technology

The supervision of high-value medical consumables runs through the whole process of hospital operation. However, at present, most hospital departments use bar code technology for supervision. Due to the inconsistent standards, after the consumable suppliers provide products, the hospital has serious problems in record query and statistics, and the data information is not accurate, resulting in delayed replenishment, excessive inventory of some goods, and the expiration date of some goods. This management mode can no longer meet the needs of the hospital. The consumables management mode is gradually changing to the direction of refinement and systematization, in order to improve the management and control standards of hospital departments, control the costs of hospital departments, and enhance the competitiveness of hospital departments. At present, the development of RFID technology has been very mature. Many hospital departments have fully implemented RFID projects and successfully solved many difficult problems in the management of medical consumable cabinets.

RFID technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, high security, long service life, long identification distance, simultaneous identification of multiple targets, fast identification speed and large storage capacity. It has been widely used in the material management of medical institutions. It can realize the production, distribution, anti-counterfeiting and tracing of medical devices, consumables and drugs, and avoid public medical safety problems, It also realizes the tracking of drug consumables and equipment, and can monitor the whole process from scientific research, production, flow to use, effectively improving medical quality and reducing management costs. For the management of high-value medical consumables, the electronic tag is bound to carry the key information of consumables from the warehousing. The RFID reading antenna identifies the RFID tag information on the medical consumables, transmits the information to the RFID reader, and automatically uploads it to the background system until it is used on the patient. The whole process of internal control and external traceability of medical consumables are implemented. To achieve fast scanning, batch reading, accurate and efficient counting. The application process of the unmanned medical warehouse based on RFID technology(click here) is as follows:

S1: before medical consumables are warehoused, generate one-to-one corresponding RFID tags according to the rules, and bind the RFID tags with each type of medical consumables one by one;

S2: add the medical consumables bound with RFID tags to the medical consumable shelves and smart cabinets in the tool warehouse

S3: medical personnel open the door of the medical warehouse by swiping cards or face recognition. After entering the warehouse, they can collect the required medical consumables on the intelligent medical shelf or smart cabinet. At this time, the RFID reading and writing equipment on the intelligent shelf or smart cabinet will scan and read the detailed information of medical consumables. The main control system compares the scanned data and records the received information. Medical personnel can directly take away the medical consumables without manual recording, The system automatically updates and counts.

S4: the same is true when medical consumables are returned. Medical personnel open the door of the warehouse by swiping cards or face recognition. After entering the warehouse, they directly put the medical consumables on the smart shelf or smart cabinet. The RFID reading and writing equipment will scan and read the detailed information of medical consumables. The main control system compares the scanned data and records the returned medical consumables. Realize intelligent borrowing and returning without manual intervention.

Oprid technologies has more than 10 years of rich experience in the field of RFID technology. It has specially designed an RFID intelligent medical consumables shelf for medical consumables management. It uses UHF RFID automatic identification technology to bind electronic tags to carry key information of consumables from warehousing. The RFID reading and writing equipment in the shelf automatically identifies tag information, tracks the process of putting consumables on the shelf and receiving them, and interfaces with the background database, Carry out online inquiry, intelligent requisition, intelligent inventory counting, accurate positioning, information tracing and other operations on the consumables on the shelves, grasp the inventory data at any time, greatly improve the management efficiency of medical consumables and optimize the inventory status. The 21 inch capacitive touch screen is installed on the side of the product, which is simple and convenient to operate. Android or windows operating system can be selected, and user login methods such as finger vein, card swiping and binocular living face recognition can be selected according to customer requirements, so as to make the management of medical consumables more intelligent, visual and standardized.

OPRFID Technologies' RFID technology:

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