Path of Exile 3.19 loot has no PoE Currency drop

Since the release of the Path of Exile 3.19 patch, many players have expressed their opinions on the update in the community comments, and most players are full of frustration. Perhaps the biggest problem encountered by PoE3.19 is the loot. However, players found that there is no currency drop in the reward. The POE Orbs from the loot is a very important game experience for players. Compared with PoE3.18, this makes players feel more dissatisfied.

The problem players are having is that GGG does this on purpose, before the release of 3.19, GGG announced that in general we would see and fight fewer rare monsters, but monsters we did fight would drop better rewards. While loot drops have decreased, especially unique items, they have also become rarer and more valuable.

Path of Exile 3.19 Archnemesis Mobs

The most obvious change is that the number of Archnemesis Mobs is reduced, but it is also more powerful, which is a common feeling of many players.

Bosses would have more health and deal more damage, and the mobs would be very easy to kill, which makes sense. But in each area, especially later in the game, there may be a few monsters that have 10x the health of the others and also deal significantly more damage.

When you realize that if you kill these particularly tough thugs, the things that usually drop aren't particularly valuable either, less damaging and more insulting.

Path of Exile 3.19 Harvest Crafting

When you Harvest, you'll earn tradable currency that can be spent at the Harvest Crafting Station. That's how crafting works now, and the system is generally well-received by players. As a director, it makes it easier to make and a little more flexible throughout without having to make it too powerful.

The biggest issue with Harvest production right now comes down to pricing. In short, it's just silly how much Harvest currency each craft costs. It's too expensive and makes Harvest a useless mechanic in the early game. You won't be able to earn the currency you want without the tedious grinding, and there are better options elsewhere.

While in some ways Harvest's problems are the most damaging right now, which makes this mechanic generally not worth doing, it's also one of the easiest fixes GGG has in front of them: simply increase how much currency you have per Harvest once.

Path of Exile 3.1.9 Kalandra Mirror Mechanism

Overall, the welcome to the new alliance mechanics in Path of Exile is rather mixed. You can get some silly drops from Lakes. However, the lakes are long, navigation without a map is a bit tedious, and you're forever chasing good loot by trial and error on the lake after lake for terrible loot. While many times the enemies inside the lake will be very powerful but still won't give you the loot to make their fight worthwhile.

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