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Etsy actualized another standard, which expresses that if 1% of surveys are poor (1-2 stars) or result for a situation, at that point they maintain whatever authority is needed to close your shop. Nonetheless, this is a small amount of the standard.
As indicated by Etsy's Policies, the standard states:
"For shops in any case consistent with Etsy's strategies and assumptions, alerts might be sent if a shop meets the entirety of the accompanying measures:
The shop's Order Dissatisfaction Rate is 1% or higher. The shop has at least three orders with a case or low audit since its first deal. The shop has at least two orders set inside a multi day assessment period that brought about a case or low survey." discover this and more about the standard here.
The catchphrase being ALL. These things need to occur for you to get this notice. This implies that one awful audit in the event that you just have ten surveys, won't influence your shop.
When you get this admonition, they won't close down your shop right away. After the notification is sent, Etsy will rethink your shop in 90 days. Read More…

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