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Union Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, announced a big budget today ahead of the general elections next year. “This is the first budget in Amrit Kaal,” said the FM, kicking off the Modi Government’s final full budget.
Union Budget 2023: A pro-growth, populist budget; feel sectoral leaders | SME Futures
The Union budget 2023 has raised the bet on spending and upped the capex target by 33 per cent. It also places a lot of emphasis on infrastructure...
The pandemic induced lockdowns have had a significantly negative effect on India’s economy and have impacted all business sectors. The hospitality sector is no exception. Its revenues decreased drastically due to plummeting sales.
Hospitality sector’s expectations from Union Budget 2023 | SME Futures
The hospitality sector players are looking forward to the Union Budget 2023 and are hoping to get infrastructure status, some measures to control...
The EV sector is a new and evolving business. Hence, it offers various prospects for development and research. Starting with products and moving on to services, start-ups can be found everywhere. The products include vehicles, drivetrains, batteries and other equipment.
There’s a growing adoption of bio-farming in the Indian agriculture industry. Its benefits for the environment, farmers and consumers are being recognised, slowly but steadily. And more companies are giving it a push.
How companies are helping revolutionise India's agricultural landscape through organic farming | SME Futures
There's a growing adoption of bio-farming in the Indian agriculture industry. Its benefits for the environment, farmers and consumers are being...
The Indian Fintech ecosystem is at the cusp of a giant leap. After years of slow and steady growth, the industry has finally reached a tipping point where it is poised for exponential growth. Paperless lending, mobile banking, secure payment gateways, mobile wallets, and other technological advancements are already being adopted at a large scale in India.
How can the Indian fintech ecosystem take the next giant leap?
The Indian FinTech industry has seen a rise of 3x, helped by the organic collaboration of startups with banks as well as govt initiatives
Pataa is a digital addressing app which aims to solve the poor addressing system in the country. Pataa is the next big thing in the world of addressing with its revolutionising technology and state-of-the-art features, says its co-founder Rajat Jain
Pataa app: Ushering in an address revolution | Check the News
Pataa is a digital addressing app which aims to solve the poor addressing system in the country. Pataa is the next big thing in the world
There has been a 105 per cent increase in demand for high-skill talent across roles on a contractual basis in the last 12 months, as workforce mobility continues to evolve, said a new report.
Demand for high-skill talent on contract grows by 105% | SME Futures
Enterprises have shown an increasing preference to work with high-skill gig talent for specialised roles on a project or contract basis
As India witnesses a start-up boom, venture capitalists are keeping a close eye on it as they are the ones seeding the financial fronts of the new and upcoming start-ups. SME Futures talks to Anirudh A Damani about how Artha identifies the strong points of the companies that they are interested in and how these pluses are nurtured till fruition.
Technology is a tool, not the backbone of the businesses we invest in,” Anirudh A Damani, Director, Artha India Ventures | SME Futures
Anirudh A Damani, Director of Artha India Ventures, talks to SME Futures about the 4 core investment principles that the company has built its...
The EY breakup of its audit and consulting arms is the biggest shake-up in India Inc. of a Big Four accounting giant in decades. According to EY, their plan is to separate one entity into two distinct, multidisciplinary organisations. They have nicknamed this plan—Project Everest, which started in November 2021 and the process is set to conclude in early 2023.
EY breakup: Project Everest is for the better! | SME Futures
EY executives have agreed to proceed with the EY split of its audit & consulting arms, the biggest shake-up of Big 4 accounting firm
Elixia realises this and is working on advanced supply chain solutions with the help of AI and ML to conquer the logistics market. SME Futures spoke to its founder Mihir Ravani to know about the path ahead.
We are looking at a lot of investment in logistics infra
The National Logistics Policy is putting focused on improving investment in the infrastructure of ports, railways and airports.
There is a growing culture of buying things online. From fashion products and headphones to high-end expensive laptops, they are all available on EMIs now. The Gen Z segment of the populace is spearheading this change in consumer behaviour. SME Futures spoke to Abhineet Sawa, Co-founder of Snapmint on growing culture of BNPL and how his platform makes the topmost brands affordable and accessible to all due to their instalment payments system.  more
The pandemic has had an adverse impact on the whole world. Indian MSMEs have had to face the maximum brunt of it while battling insolvency. A lot of Indian MSMEs were able to innovate and adjust but many of them lost the battle for survival.

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How India's push for financial inclusion can narrow the credit gap
Latest reports reveal that the credit gap in the MSME Financial sector is around Rs 20-25 lakh crores. Pushkar Mukewar, CEO at Drip Capital
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