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  • Nació en: marzo 05
  • Ciudad de origen | Hometown: Auckland
  • Idioma | Language: English

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  • MOD Build
    Your home gets manufactured in a completely secure workshop where no external objections can damage the building process, so you get your home faster. The building process is handled completely by...
  • MOD Build
    Transportable Homes Northland

    Prefab Relocatable Houses Auckland and Northland Wide
    We are the best relocatable homes provider from Auckland toNorthland and our stunning architectural transportable buildings have high-quality finishing’s.

    Relocatable homes are loved from Auckland and north for its cost and time effective method than building a brand-new home. For various reasons, people love to go for modular relocatable homes in Auckland.

    Here are a few reasons why you should choose our tra...  more
  • MOD Build
  • MOD Build
    Relocatable Houses Auckland

    MOD Build Homes knew that Prefab home Auckland concept is not old, but it is definitely very popular and has had various successes and brand popularity. The concept must have evolved and expanded, bringing together so many people from different economic backgrounds. Prefab home Auckland, has evolved many times over the years and is related to the wants and desires of people looking for a new home. There are no advantages to prefabricated houses. You can customize you...  more
  • MOD Build
    Prefab Homes Whangarei

    There's a big benefit for contractors with your properties also since they're constructed in a very factory that means building contractors will not have to worry about hazardous the weather. Rendering the house constructing procedure simpler for those Prefab Homes Whangarei contractors and much quicker for that home owner as this process of designing properties principal purpose is with the homeowner in mind and so are simple yet effective and straightforward methods for...  more
  • MOD Build
    Modular Homes Auckland

    Welcome to MOD Build Homes, we are a new transportable house business.

    Our goal is to deliver high-quality homes to peoples housing sites. We have a standard range of homes to choose from or we can do a full custom design and build as well. We want to listen to your ideas and collaborate to build your dream home. We have a passion for smaller homes, we find keeping them simple and practical, with some nice features works.

    We’re sure you’ll be happy working with us

    Our ...  more
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