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The Psychological Impact of Adult Dolls: Do They Affect Our Relationships?
While adult dolls may seem like a relatively new phenomenon, they have actually been around for centuries. In ancient Greece, for example, men used to create big tits sexdoll made of leather,...
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What blonde sex doll do you usually recommend to people on a budget?
Most blonde sex doll customers prefer TPE because it is cheaper than silicone. There are many beautiful sex dolls BBW made of TPE. Personally, I recommend Vera, and you can check her out here:...
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Put flat chested sex doll in the garage
Renting a private locker this method is when all other strategies for hiding dolls have failed. So yes, this is more like a last ditch effort to hide your flat chested sex doll from your wife....
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Should buy a chubby sex dolls to make life better Today
You will feel that those juicy pair was custom-made for your hands. If you are looking for a new sex doll to add to your collection or thinking of buying your very first, then I would highly...
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men have increasingly interested in small breast sex dolls' buttocks
Big ass small breast sex dolls are small breast sex doll with big asses. From ancient times to the present, men have become increasingly interested in women's buttocks. This should be traced...
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Big booty doll storage is an unavoidable proposition
For those who are using a fat sex doll for the first time or who have just received a big booty doll and don't know much about how to use it, here is a detailed step-by-step. To open the box...
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Buying a small boobs sex doll - What is the main motivation
Sexdolltech Store is a licensed and certified online store offering amazing happy small breast sex dolls in different sizes and lifestyles. Here, small boobs sex doll are made of soft silicone...
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Sex dolls usa are the best option for the third row
Your sex doll comes with a metal frame and multiple fixed and movable joints that give her the flexibility to take a variety of positions. The doll's reinforced wrist supports its own weight....
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