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Buy Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms Online Canada | Deadhead Chemist
Looking for magic mushrooms & cannabis products in Canada. Deadhead chemist offer Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms product at a discounted price.
Shop Ancient Alien Hybrid online in Canada | Deadhead Chemist
Ancient Alien is almost pure and powerful indica strain which carries the lemon-pine “OG” aroma and flavor. Its popular for its heavy-hitting
Buy Crystal Coma Hybrid Online | Deadhead Chemist | Buy Weed
Crystal Coma cannabis is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with a flavour that is cheesy, citrus, diesel, lemon, sweet. You’ll feel energetic
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What tripping on DMT means
DMT is regarded as a psychoactive substance that produces great visual and auditory hallucinations when consumed. After its consumption, many users feel as if they are no longer in the physical...
Shop Darth Vader OG Indica in Canada | Deadhead Chemist
Darth Vader OG is a heavy  Indica strain for treating insomnia, stress, pain, inflammation, depression. This strain is well known for its
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How To Safely Microdose Magic Mushrooms
Psilocybin, a hallucinogenic tryptamine chemical found in over 180 mushroom species, is a tryptamine. A more significant number of strains within each species improves the environment with...
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