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You will initially go through a brief fight tutorial when you first start playing Azur Lane. You will learn the fundamentals of the fight scene, such as how characters fire automatically and employ stronger weaponry. You will learn how to use the weaponry that your cruisers and aircraft carriers can provide during the lesson. If you are already familiar with the fight scene, you can select to skip. If not, it would be wise to finish it. You will then pick your first ship after that. Three ships—...  more
Play Azur Lane Download on Your PC
Do you think you have what it takes to play Azur Lane? Assemble the most powerful warship in ways you’ll never expect. Try it on PC by clicking here!
Playing role-playing games is always enjoyable due to the variety of aspects it provides. Roguelike games, however, are an RPG subgenre that is equally popular. These RPGs are often dungeon crawlers with grid-based mobility and turn-based gameplay. Characters in roguelike games can die permanently, and they typically feature high fantasy settings and elements of the well-known Dungeons & Dragons game. They are often fun to play and amusing. And if you enjoy playing roguelike games, you'll adore ...  more
Roguelike Games - Play For More Fun on PC
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